Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sizzling Summer Television!!

Hey everyone!! I know its been a long time but I was very busy with working, school and interning. I'm a busy guy what can I say! That is all about to change (not really but I like to say that) Summer 2006 is here and I've been buying concert tickets left and right, here is a list of a few...

Kathy Griffen
Cirque Di Soieli
Kelly Clarkson
American Idols
Mariah Carey

...Yeah I know I cant believe it either!

I also just got back from Scotland with Courtster. So far the summer has been treating me very well. I got another internship so that will keep me busy for most of the summer. On top of all that the summer TV shows that I know and love are returning as well as a few that are starting. People have been asking me "Stephen, Help me! What summer show should I watch?!" Well I have all the answers for you. People who know me for a long time know that I have a really big soft spot for Reality TV. Survivor, Real World, American Idol and others have been guilty pleasures for me for sometime. None of these reality shows come close to my all time favorite reality TV program. Big Brother is returning July 6th on CBS and my excitement is unexplainable. People automatically think horrible thoughts about Big Brother but everyone that I ever had watch just one episode has been completely hooked! This year CBS is bringing back the best people from each season to come and make Big Brother 7: All Stars. I'm half excited for that part because Reality TV has done All Star sessions before with Survivor and it wasn't that great at all. If you are going to watch ONE show this summer, MAKE IT BIG BROTHER 7: All Stars! Hosted by Julie Chen, who has been harassed for being like a robot but I cant see Big Brother without her, I kinda like her robotic tactics! haha Anyway okay so on with the Summer Previews... Summer has been a time where most of the shows are just put on to fill time slots but recently it has become one of the most anticipated times for some networks to launch shows and use it to catapult it to the fall season. Take shows like Sex in the City, Survivor, Dancing with the Stars and The OC. All shows that started and now have or had successful runs in the hard hitting competition that is the Fall. Well this summer networks are pulling out all the stops to still attract viewers. HBO is known for its envelope pushing dramas as well as some comedies and the summer is a perfect time to launch the very successful comedy Entourage. The show debuts again June 11th at 10pm. HBO isn't don't yet they have another comedy debuting. This is a little different for HBO, it is there first live audience sitcom (it also is multi-camera) the show is called Lucky Louie and this actually might be a real family show since most of America curses, and this show is no exception. Another show debuting in June is FOX's summer hit Hell's Kitchen which starts up again with a new batch of chefs entering that SOB Gordon Ramsay's kitchen on June 12th at 9pm. This time it will be Boys vs. Girls. Even cable networks are taking in on the fun in June. Oxygen, who is mainly targeted for women is coming out with The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency which starts June 6th at 10pm. Janice is back after her stints on Top Model and Surreal Life. Rumor has it that she is bitchier then ever!! GOD I CANT WAIT!! Treasure Hunters, which follows ten teams of three across the world in search of a treasure starts on NBC June 18th at 8pm. I'm thinking that show will be another version of the Amazing Race to tide the fans over until the next AR starts. The Closer will be returning to TNT on June 12th at 9pm. Simon Cowell graces our presents once again in a some what idol spin off called America's got talent. The show is based on the talent that America "has" we will see how long this last. The 4400 returns on June 11th at 9pm on USA, Deadwood returns for likely its last season on June 11th on HBO. A new show on NBC called Windfall staring Luke Perry will debut June 8th, the show revolves around lotto winners and how all of their lives intertwine.

Coming up in July...
July is not only my b-day month but it also has the debut of Big Brother. July 6th at 8 is the time and day the houseguests move into their new home and start scheming, plotting and clawing there way to the grand prize. As I said before Julie Chen returns as host and it airs on CBS. July also sees the return of Sylvester Stallone's boxing hit The Contender featured this summer on ESPN. The show had such a big following that ESPN decided to return the show and it will come back to the airwaves on July 18th at 10pm. Good Luck Sly! haha Bravo! Is not short of any shows this summer with the return of the D-list and Queer Eye the network is sure to bring in some viewers but they also will be showing Work Out, about a gym diva ready to kick people's ass into shape. The asskicking begins July 19th at 11pm. Bravo! Also will bring back Hiedi Klum and her designer hopefuls in Project Runaway set to take the stage on July 12th at 10pm. Other big reality show that is returning is Rock Star: Supernova this time staring Tommy Lee, the nightmare begins on July 5th at 8pm.

Last but not least, August...

Mary-Lousie Parker is back playing suburban drug selling mom in Weeds, which begins August 14th at 10pm. The airheads of Laguna Beach return to MTV to a TBA schedule. Like OMIGOD they don't have a time for those biatchs yet!! And with the skinny and brain dead you get the heavy and crazy with the new cast of Celebrity Fit Club 4 staring my favorite from Wilson Phillips, Carnie Wilson. The massive diet starts August 6th at 9pm. MTV has attracted all audiences and next they are trying to bring the Football jocks aboard the MTV Ho-Train. My only concern is that the jocks have no idea what a TV is, we shall see. Two-A-Days is also a TBA. One of the most entertaining shows this year had to be Flavor of Love and flavor Flav is back with an all new season and all new trashy girls on August 6th. Well that was my TV list of all the returning or new shows that will be starting this summer. My only real show that i think you should watch is Big Brother. It truly will get you through the summer and you wont regret it!! Remember CBS...July 6th...8pm!!! Enjoy TV in the Summer everyone and until next time iam Sexy Bitch signing off!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Holy Whole Foods

If I have not already obsessed about the New York City craze that is Whole Foods (or a One Life to Live craze) then I haven't seen you lately. This place is like a god send, it has everything known to man. The first visit that I had with some of my favorite people at OLTL I was a little sick and I kind of spaced out into what Whole Foods was REALLY about. None the less I still enjoyed my sushi and my grilled chicken. I don't know exactly what it is, its too clean and posh to be a supermarket but its too big and crowded to be a restaurant or cafe. The second time I was a little more into the environment and I knew what was going on I then enjoyed sushi and a sandwich. It is a little pricey but its so good and I feel healthy when I eat it which is shocking for me! So I was under the impression that us Long Islanders did not have a Whole Foods on the island and I was beginning to accept it until this past Monday. I was driving home from school in my little shit box listening to music and of course not looking at the road but looking at the wonderful stores and action that is on the streets. While I'm driving I see something which at first glance looked like a figment of my imagination. I thought "Sexy Bitch that is not what you think it is. It cant be? Is it? It is!" It was a WHOLE FOODS! My jaw actually dropped in shock that Long Island has a Whole Foods. Now I don't know if there are more on the island and it is a little trip to go there but its so worth the drive and I HATE driving! After the week I have been having this is the best news of the week! My next Whole Foods dream is that they open one closer to my house so I don't have to travel that much to get my fix! MeiMeiLn, you have created a Whole Foods MONSTER!.....Well until next blog everyone have a great day and remember Save an Actor, Watch TV!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday's aren't a bitch anymore!

After a very long and stressful weekend I was so excited for Monday night TV. Now if you do not know me by now I believe that FOX has the best Monday night line up. After just 3 weeks of watching 24 I quickly became obsessed with this fast pace and intelligent hour of thrills but that show follows the best freshman show this season, Prison Break! Wentworth Miller is one of the best actors in primetime right now. Every week it's shocking and you have no idea what is going to happen next. Monday Madness for me is a saving grace because ever since the end of Melrose Place that night has been nothing but boring television and finally they have shows that actually bring Monday nights back to life! Cheers for FOX for giving me the entertainment I deserve on Mondays. After you have a nervous break down on Prison Break you get ready for a heartattack from the 9-10 o'clock hour when Jack Bauer saves the world on 24. At 10 your completely drained and when you pick your jaw up from the floor and sink back down to reality you realize one thing. For 2 hours you have experienced some of the best TV this television season had to offer. After its over your upset that it ended but you talk about it with friends and your forced to wait a week for the next episode. (Spoiler Alert: Rumor has it that next season Prison Break will have a theme kinda like "Prison Break: The Manhunt" hmm I wonder what that could mean PLUS not everyone will make it out alive to see next season!). Okay so now that you have my 8-10 line up your probably wondering "Sexy Bitch, what do you watch at 10?" well since nothing really peeks my interest at 10 I usually watch a TiVoed show but that will all change next week. Sunday night is the start of a new show created by JJ (Lost, Felicity and Alias) and its entitled "What about Brian?". A lot is left to be desired about Barry Watson since his glory days on 7th Heaven but the promos look promising and I will be tuning in to see what happens thanks to the sound bite of Howie Days song "Collide" it really gets to you! Big ups to ABC for promoting the show with a good song! So thanks to my other TV guru, she informed me that Sunday and Monday will be brand new episodes of What about Brian? So tune into ABC at 10 this upcoming Sunday and Monday and give this new show a try I don't think you will regret it! Until next time stay sexy everyone!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mandisa Madness!

After a long Wednesday i couldnt wait to watch Idol since country week was HORRIBLE i was really curious on who the public would vote out. Even last week when they had a chance to pick songs that i actually knew they didnt i had to listen to sud bubble buckets from Kellie and god knows what else. Country week was just as painful and i had a hard time thinking that one of my favorite wouldnt be voted out. I came home and in the middle of Lost i would flip back to Idol to see and to my objection Mandisa, Elliot and Paris were all in the bottom three. All people that i enjoy to watch and think are super talented. Katharine, Ace and Bucky are able to go sit down!! what kind of bull is that? Well whatever the case may be Mandisa is sent packing and my dreams are crushed that the only REALLY talented singer is voted out. I truly believe that America after tonights vote out DESERVES Bucky as there American Idol of 2006. Next week the final 8 will sing Queen. Yes you heard that correct Queen. Lets see how badly they can all butcher Queen music. Well until next week go watch something good on tv like say Top Chef! haha

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The New Adventures of Sexy Bitch!

Today is the first of many blocs...

I think this is going to be quite therapeutic for myself and probably give a real detailed view of the life I live. At times its boring but I feel that my life is full of uncertain surprises and crossroads that I face on a daily bases. I have friends who support me, others aggravate me and then there is my family, the craziest mofo's of all who I probably love more then life itself. So on with this crazy adventure that I call my life.

This week has been pretty mellow, I've decided to treat myself to another mini-spring break if you will. Although Thursday and Friday I go to One Life to Live but that's not a problem for me its everything else in my life. I got over being sick and blowing my nose every two seconds to feeling much better. The countdown has really begun for the Daytime Emmys and the 2nd Annual Daytime get together at my house with Court and Dee. A little Drinky Drink, a little tribute shot and not to mention the What are you wearing game? Which is Courts favorite. It is the small things in life that get me excited. My time is also drawing to an end with a few other things in my life which I am unable to disclose at this particular time (lol) but in due time if things work out as I hope and plan then you will be seeing a much more happy and much more sane (hopefully) Sexy Bitch.

Okay enough about my life lets talk about T.V. and the craziness that my shows are going through all to set up for May. May is gonna be a SCARY month because the new network, CW, will finally announce its fall line up and we get to find out what WB and what UPN shows make the cut and what other ones will fall the victim of a horrible crime against television. The only major show on the WB that I'm fearful of is OTH. I know you can say all the things you want about Chad and you are probably right about him but the show is gripping and has the guilty pleasure of a younger Melrose Place (dare I say it?!) Paul Johansson, who plays Dan Scott has to be one of the best villains on television and the writers actually do a really great job of making you hate the character and I like to think that any emotion, hate or love is better then no emotion at all. So if your getting something out of the audience in that aspect then your doing a good job. Another WB show that I have grown to be obsessed over is Related. I know I have a better chance at becoming the President of ABC Daytime tomorrow then the show being picked up but I still would love to hold out for that little miracle for one of the best new shows this year.

So since we got the negative out of the way with the whole WB/UPN shenanigans I would love to focus on one of the best cable channels that has really come into its own the past few years. BRAVO! has shown me that there is a place for reality TV junkies like myself to go and fixate on our problems. Shows like "Showdogs Moms and Dads", "Kathy Griffens: Life on the D list", "Blow Out", the oh so funny "Being Bobby Brown" and now new shows like "Top Chef" and "The Real Housewives of Orange County" have brought me back to the station dedicated to gripping reality TV! (lol)

The Basic Networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX) have all given me a great television season and come May I know ill be upset with the majority of the shows going on hiatus for the summer but for me I know come September ill have my pen and paper out picking what shows make my watch list and my TiVo list. Plus not all is wrong with the world, Big Brother returns in the summer as well as Hells Kitchen so I have stuff to tide me over until the hard hitting dramas come back!

Okay this is my last thing but I want to talk about the up coming Season/Series finales of some of my favorite shows.

Prison Break- I think this show is going to have the best Season Finale, that's my prediction, FOX has already signed it for a new season called "Prison Break: The Manhunt" or something along those lines so I'm getting my WENTWORTH t-shirt on and waiting for the finale of Prison Break.

24- This season was the first time I ever watched this fast pace, heart pounding show which has twists and turns every 5 mins you watch. This showed me that I can hate Keifer and still love 24. I expect a great finale but I think Prison Break will steal the thunder.

Desperate Housewives- For gripping drama, Housewives didn't have a great sophomore year but with the comedy it did live up to its hype. I hope that Marc Cherry can give us GREAT DH episodes that the fans have been dyeing for this whole year. Marcia Cross has again stolen the show from the other ladies and has made Bree the housewife of my year!

Greys Anatomy- With an OUTSTANDING season its upsetting to say the last two or three episodes haven't been up to par with what we all know Greys is capable of. I do think that come the end of the season Greys will come out swinging and leave some big cliffhangers for next year.

The OC- With Anna and Teresa waiting to return on April 20th I think ANYTHING is possible. OC had started off REALLY bad but finally after Ryan and Marissa break up the drama hits the beaches of Newport and my interest is back where it should be. I really hope that they can built on more then just the 4 regular cast members maybe try to introduce some new blood and actually keep them there.

One Tree Hill- If it gets picked up I would think the show would give like it does every year a great cliffhanger what is it I have no idea but I do believe that OTH has the potential to come out on top if given the chance to return next year. Also rumors are running around that Deb returns to Tree Hill.

ER- SOMEONE DIES! who it is? I have no idea but for weeks I have been trying to guess who it is. My money is on Sam but who knows. Abbys pregnancy with Lucas baby has really given the romantic edge ER lost in prior seasons some light. I think ER will be a silent killer this year but in ER style will force you to watch with tissues.

Will and Grace- This has been the only comedy that I have watched for a long time and still enjoy it. But this year its time to say goodbye to the 4 people who have made me laugh for the past years. Megan, Sean, Eric and Debra have truly been one of the best ensemble cast in the history of sitcoms. My prediction is that Leo and Grace will get back together which I think is retarded. I think Will may find love again but with someone from his past. Karen and Jack will always remain Karen and Jack. I think Will and Grace will show a great finale filled with laughs and tears.

Lost- JJ is slowing turning the wheels once again and bringing Lost to another powerhouse season ending. With balloons, maps, food, hidden bunkers, its all shaping up to led to one hell of an ending. I think a lot of answers with be found out but also we will get a whole new bunch of questions, it wouldn't be Lost or JJ to give away everything to the audience.

If I forgot any ill write about them later. Its 1am and I'm drawing some blanks!

Until next time Blog readers this is Sexy Bitch signing off...